Acne Killer Body Wash is a proprietary natural blend that's guaranteed to stop breakouts. This liquid cleanser contains raw African Black soap, Castile soap, Horseradish, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Apple Cider Vinegar. You'll get results the first time it or your money back!
Buy Acne Killer Body Wash at Greensations

Acne Killer Skin Spray is a proprietary all natural formula that's guaranteed to prevent breakouts. This toner is the perfect companion to our body wash. It's the only toner that can be used by all skin types without drying your skin. This spray tightens pores and promotes healing instantly. Buy Acne Killer Toner Spray at Greensations

Acne Killer Body Wash now available at Price Chopper

Look for more chain retailers coming soon....

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